I always loved to take pictures. Hiding behind a lens can open your perspective. For a long time I couldn’t do portraits, but focused on architecture and abstract photography untill I went to Istanbul in October 2015. What a beautiful city! For the first time I was more interested in the faces of this magical place than of its magnificent architecture.

While travelling fulltime I am meeting many people who find a place in my heart for different reasons. With some of them I had just a short but honest and therefore intense conversation, with others I traveled for a while and they become dear friends.

One night in Thailand, when having one of those profound talk to almost strangers, I ask if I could take their picture not knowing at that moment that I would continue and create a collection. Since then I took loads more, always in conversation to catch a pure moment not a pose. Those pictures became my (ongoing) roadportrait series.

(The page is still in progress, bit by bit I will add short stories to each portrait.)

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